Final Project

For the Drawing and Imaging Final Project, we went through several processes in order to get to the last piece. The first step was we went to the Metropolitan Museum of art and drew more perspective drawings of objects we found using the methods such as measuring angles and size we learned in previous classes. In the end we had a total of four drawings.



Next we gathered everyone’s drawings and cut them up to fit them onto a grid collage to learn about positive and negative spaces, shading, and values. We also learned about how placement can change the piece as we tried to create bigger shapes with the smaller shapes we cut out.


After the collage we stated transitioning into making the final piece. The goal was to first choose an artist to take inspiration to help us draw influence on how we should create the final piece. First we created black and white/colored pieces digitally then sketched out a draft by hand.

Achromatic Analogous Color Scheme Analogous Color Scheme Edit Split Compliment Color Scheme Split Compliment Color Scheme Edit

I chose Roberto Matta. Last year I fell in love with the style of an illustrator named Gamma who typically makes pencil drawings using only one shade. Matta’s style had remind me a lot of Gamma’s, which was the reason I decided to choose him.

Roberto Matta 1

Roberto Matta 2

Roberto Matta’s style focused on surrealism, modern art, and abstract expressionism. He was born in Chille and his art represented European, Latin American and American cultures. He had a strong position on social ideology and would often reflect his views on politics and war  in his work. His mediums consisted of etchings, sketches, aquatints, and more.

I enjoy this style because of how he emphasizes his highlights with white and is very simple when it comes to color. I also like how in some areas he is very sharp with his lines and then in other spots of his paintings he would blur his paintings out a bit more to make it look rough. Even though he did use more oil paints I felt like I could get the same effects using different color charcoal or hard pastels.

The two pieces that influenced me the most were L’Ultima Cena, made in 1985, and Pecador Justificado, made in 1952.



My piece kept up with the original images of my grid collage. I wanted to show more of his stylistic tendencies rather than concepts.

In my piece I clearly distinguished a lighter blue color for the background and pushed forward the objects using either a more purple color or white  depending on which object was to be highlighted. This helped distinguish figure ground in my piece.

This piece stuck to the grid so the drawing isn’t really continuous. I tried to connect big sections together to create more continuous lines.

To create unity the color is what really brings the piece together.

Side Note: I did end up re doing my first piece as well as make a whole new drawing as the first piece not working as cohesively as I originally intended. There was a big shadow in the corner that was distracting from the rest of the piece, some of the whites were too bright, and the lines could have been pushed further with more dimension.




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Mötorhead Final Project

For the past few weeks the class has worked on creating packaging for an artist to promote a re-release of a single. Our song had been “Ace of Spades” by  Mötorhead. We used six images for inspiration which included the Jack Daniels logo, a rock on hand, speed metal symbol, speed freak symbol, coat of arms for the town Lemmy Kilmister was born in, and dead man’s hand.

Below are some links of our designs and inspiration in progress:

Final Box Final Card Final CD FACE cd sleeve simple template Poster Concept 1 9 x12 Sticker

There was a debate on whether or not my partner and I would make both of our packaging designs for our project. We wanted to make the first design only so that we could focus our energy on getting our T Shirt printed. We knew once we had the shirt finalized that it would come out well and hoped to produce a complete product. In the end we integrated our second design with our first design by creating a card to pull out with the items on the inside.

We had an issue with getting our T-shirt printed because silk screening would cost around $100 for one T-shirt and the price only lowered if we bought it in bulk. We tried to print black ink on a white shirt instead with a digital printer, but it didn’t give the same heavy metal feeling the white ink on black did. We finally found a place in New Jersey called Flexy Custom Apparel to cute iron ons for us, but they only had the tools to print the parts of the design that were thick enough. The rest of the design that was too complicated I printed out onto a different type of iron on paper at home.

Another issue we had when making our final boxes was that in the design I had accidentally made the UPC code too small and we already constructed the boxes before we could reprint them. So my partner and I decided to make a sticker and print them at the computer lab to cover up the mistake.

This project was a bit of a challenge as both my partner’s and my own styles contrast a bit from the band. My partner tends to appreciate more of a minimalistic style and I like more pop punk artists rather than rock. However, even with different interests  I think our final results came out well. We ended up really trying to play up the biker side of the band through our designs.

DSC05170 DSC05174 DSC05175 DSC05178 DSC05181 DSC05183 DSC05185 DSC05187 DSC05188 DSC05190 DSC05191 DSC05192 DSC05193 DSC05195 DSC05209 DSC05210 DSC05241 DSC05244
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Concept 1

For this second iteration we didn’t edit the files too much other than resizing some of the thickness of lines. We did create a promotional packaging using the same images and will be shaped like a card box to hold all the items (CD, Poster, Tshirt).

54-card-tuck-box cd sleeve simple template Poster Concept 1 9 x12 Tshirt Mockup

Concept 2

We put  more effort in editing this design. I finished illustrating the skeleton so that the drawing had a full and more defined body. Instead of the hat detail we used Elise’s Jack Daniels and Ace of Spades to border the design in the poster. We also did not want the UPC Code to look like it was just slapped on, so we decided to try playing around with that as well. We wanted the TShirt design to be a bit more subtle so we ended up making a small Tshirt pocket on the front which commemorates Lemmy Kilmister and the back would have the illustration.

Another addition to the cd packaging we added was now the illustration is a folder to hold the cd and the spade will be a shiny metallic silver. Before we had the spade as cut out and the cd would come in two sleeves. So that the illustration was placed right under the spade. Instead the packaging will now be a book style.

jack daniels barcode Cd cover inside cd sleeve simple template Motorhead Packaging Motorhead Poster TShirt Motorhead New (2)
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The Overbearing and The Neglected Painting

For my studio final I wanted to show both spectrums of a neglected child versus one that is coddled and overshadowed by their parents. When I was making mock sketches for inspiration I had just drawn different ways I can draw two different people until I stumbled upon the idea of splitting in half a dollhouse and having the children moving throughout the house after school and doing activities designated towards their family style. I decided to do an ink painting with very vibrant colors to show that these households are on the extreme sides of family parenting styles. Sketchbook 8 Sketchbook 7 Sketchbook 5 Sketchbook 4 Sketchbook 3 Sketchbook 2 Sketchbook 1 Someone commented in class that I probably could have put rooms in the middle of both the upstairs of the house and downstairs to portray a neutral type of parenting style, which is something I wish I had done. I do like the outcome of how my painting turned out, although I do wish the two sides were may be a bit more distinguishable that the two children come from separate families. Studio Final
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